Swanage Coastline

Swanage Bay itself, being sheltered from the prevailing south-westerly and westerly winds and clear of the main channel tidal streams, provides a wonde:fully sheltered expanse of sea,
where swimming, rowing and sailing can be enjoyed in safety and comfort. Along a half-mile of this bay lies the Promenade, on the landward side of which well laid out gardens and
recreation grounds provide comfortable resting places and facilities for tennis, bowls and other games.

Ample seats, beach bungalows and accommodation for bathers are available. sands shelve gently and there is a complete absence of dangerous currents, while the very small rise and fall of the tide makes the beach one of the safest and most pleasant for children anywhere on the British coast.

A granite obelisk, crowned by the not very appropriate trophy of four mortar balls from Crimean days, commemorates the victory of Alfred over the Danes in 871 A.D.