Swanage Gardens

Near the entrance to the pier is the Miniature Golf course
of nine holes, comprising what amounts to a complete game of
golf lacking only the drive at cach hole.
Peveril Point lies an expanse of green downland (The Downs)
with seats, giving pleasant views of Swanage and Durlston Bays.
At the town end of the Promenade are the recreation grounds.
Here there is an excellent public Bowling Green, and Tennis is
played on Hard Courts. Here too is the Bandstand, where
programmes of band music are given on summer evenings.
There are also swings for children. Further along the promenade
is "Sandpit Field," a pleasant place for children's games, and
sheltered walks and gardens overlooking the bay. Beyond this
again lie the Beach Tennis Courts and Putting Green, and a
little further inland is Day's Park, with a green expanse for
games and with swings and other amusements for children.
Here too, is the Swanage Cricket Ground, where the Swanage
Cricket Club play matches each Saturday during the season.
There is an excellent Golf Course (18 holes) about halfway
along the road from Swanage to Studland and easily accessible
by car or bus.